Bibi Ohlsson Strength based coaching

Bibi Ohlsson

Coach & Thinking Partner
with a strength-based approached

Affiliate Member, IOC

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Think of my coaching as a creative conversation that blends knowledge from diverse fields of study. It's like a dance where we take turns leading and following, adjusting our movements to keep in sync.

During the conversation, we delve into deeper topics that help you understand who you are, your strengths, values, and perspectives. This happens when we move beyond surface-level chit-chat and engage in more profound, reflective discussions.

The ultimate goal of these conversations is to achieve balanced self-leadership and healthy self-determination.
If you want to make meaningful changes, let's start dancing!

“I understand finding the drive to bring out your best self can be challenging, but I’m here to help. Through my coaching, we can work together to achieve sustainable self-leadership, daily well-being, and an enhanced sense of life satisfaction. Together, we can make each day count and positively impact your world.” – Bibi Ohlsson


Do you want to experience more contentment and fulfillment in your personal life and work? If so, then working towards a higher level of well-being might be what you need. Allow me to assist in uncovering and repurposing your strengths and building lasting, balanced enthusiasm. Make today the first step towards acquiring total joy – I am here to help make it happen.


Life is a journey full of unpredictability, and you never know what awaits around the corner. That’s why I’m here to help you make the most out of every opportunity or move past obstacles you may encounter. With me in your corner, you’ll have the tools to grab hold of life’s surprises and achieve success on your own terms.


Instead of providing easy answers, I help you to think and reflect, and you can rediscover your strengths. Doing so can strengthen problem-solving skills and create new ways of approaching challenges. With this newfound knowledge, you will be ready to take the following steps forward in life with a new kind of confidence!


I work with people committed to authentically using their strengths to overcome obstacles and increase their physical and mental well-being. This means that I provide my clients with the support they need to reach their life and career goals while helping them stay grounded in their personal strengths.


Bibi Ohlsson, a seasoned pro with 30+ years of thriving and diverse background.

She has a creative, curious, innovative mindset and a lifelong passion for personal development and continuous learning. 

Her search for midlife opportunities re-ignited her innate capacity. Bibi finds fulfillment in helping others leverage their potential by igniting self-determined, sustainable growth. 

Knowing firsthand that mobility is the key to success, Bibi understands the importance of adaptability in a constantly changing world.

Her clients are not broken. Instead, they seek to become more self-aware, nudged and pulled – not pushed – and with a strength-based approach, they can expand and develop positive self-determined motivation, increasing the capacity for lifelong positive change. 

In Bibi Ohlsson, you can benefit from having a reliable thinking partner to engage in powerful and creative conversations outside the purview of your professional sphere. She can help identify the root causes of performance issues while partnering with you to create changes in attitude, behavior, and thought processes. Moreover, she’ll open up paths for long-term growth within an atmosphere that encourages learning without judgment or fear.

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