Anticipate a Powerful conversation

tap into your full potential

Your full potential

If your could think and act more resourcefully and reach your full potential, what would you want to work on first?

Continuous Improvement

Capacity building

If you could increase performance, skills and capabilities, what would you want more of?

a powerful conversation


In a conversation that provides continuity for learning, change, and growth. With only one focus – you!

I don’t make it easy for you by giving you answers

outside your circle

outside your circle

A trusted confidant - outside your professional circle - and a thought-provoking and creative conversation.

thinking partner

your thinking partner

We will think together, prioritize,create your self-determined strategy and design a roadmap.

find your direction

Find your direction

I can assist you in discovering your strengths, clarify values, increase awareness.

forward momentum

create Forward momentum

Together we create forward momentum, re-frame your focus, so you can become happier and more successful?​

Let me help you create forward momentum

Bibi Ohlsson Evoking Excellence Human Capacity Building
Bibi Ohlsson

My clients

  • Are successful people who might feel a bit stuck.
  • Want to take their personal and professional life to a new level.
  • Understands the value of coaching
  • Want to benefit from the support of a trusted confidant and thinking partner outside their circle.
I only work with a limited number of clients one-on-one,
so I can be at my best all of the time.

❞With a holistic approach, I will assist you in discovering your strengths, clarify values, increase awareness, strategize, prioritize and design positive actions; contributing to transformation.


anticipate a powerful conversation

one - on - one coaching

... when a conversation is like a dance ... and contributes to transformation

exceed your blueprint

exceed your blueprint

12-Week Personal Growth Program. Design your life as you want it.

steps forward into growth

21 steps forward

21-day online program paired with 1 x 20 min one-on-one conversation

thirty + thirty

30-min online webinar paired with 30-min one-one-one conversation

accountablity partner


Focus Your Energy. Boost Your Productivity. Work Smart. Get Inspiration. Stay On Track.

become who you are

become who you are

self-paced course. “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are”